About Us

Blue Ground Trading

is a diamond purchasing company with over 20 years experience in the diamond valuation business and selling and buying loose diamonds. We buy recycled diamonds from jewelry retailers and manufacturers, pawnshops, coin shops, cash for gold stores, and other scrap metals businesses. We liquidate their inventories, freeing up capital so they may use their cash for what they need it for, or want to use it for.

Blue Ground Trading recuts and polishes diamonds and brings them back to market. We have strong relationships with large manufacturers in the US, Europe and Asia. Because of our outlets, we are able to turn our inventory quickly allowing us to give competitive prices on diamonds of all shapes, sizes and qualities.

We are members of National Pawnbrokers Association and are compliant with anti-money laundering acts and the Kimberly process.

How can we help you?

We offer expert, free diamond valuation with no obligation. We work with various partners and are looking for long term reliable sources to do business with.

Blue Ground Trading has expert employees on the east and west coasts to help with your diamond selling needs. Please contact us to see how we can partner with you today.




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